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In The Meadow of Fantasies by Hadi Mohammadi (Archipelago) 4 Stars

Publication date 2/11/21 ages 3 to 6 years, book 42 page


Written by the winner of IBBY's Best Book Award, Mohammad Hadi Mohammadi, In the Meadow of Fantasies is one girl's luminous escapade into a land of seven mysterious horses. A young girl with a physical handicap gazes up at a mobile of spinning horses from her little pink bed in her room filled with leafy plants. As she watches them prance about, the tufted snout of a real live horse peeks through her bedroom door. Soon enough, our bright protagonist is off and cantering on an adventure with seven majestic horses. The first six are easily understood: their colors, dreams, families,and origins are described and accompanied with exquisite drawings. The seventh horse, however, is an enigmatic creature with no clear hue or history, a lack that is soon filled in by the loving offerings of the other ponies. A story about dreaming and about caring for others, In the Meadow of Fantasies will remind young readers of their own reveries and conjure new fantasies of friendly creatures in far off lands.

My Review

This was a lovely picture book telling the story of 7 horses. I loved the pictures so nice yet simple. Perfect for your young child. The story works using repetition so the child can learn the words and join in. Also they can count to 7. It's a wonderful teaching how to be kind, sharing, helpful and how to include others and nice to your friends. Its so happy and heartwarming that your child is going to love it and will want to read it over and over again. Its a perfect book to start introducing reading and counting. Thank you to the author and publishers for producing such a amazing story that will teach our children in a fun way. Its an amazing book to sit and read together.

Where you can buy this book

Amazon US Hardcover $13.16 Kindle $17.99

Waterstones Hardcover £13.99

Google Books ebook £8.96

Barnes and Noble Hardcover $20.00 Nook $11.99

Kobo ebook £9.39

Amazon UK Kindle £13.38 Hardcover £14.99

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